Tourists prefer vineyards and magical towns this season


Due to the heavy traffic, visitors have chosen to visit other attractions before the Historic Center of the city

Tourists prefer to visit the vineyards and magical towns of the state, rather than the Historic Center of the city due to the traffic problems that the area and its surroundings present, according to Tour Operators.

“Lately what influences a lot in the workload are the street closures and the traffic has increased, it delays us trams, it delays us tours, it does influence”, said Janeth Laureano, coordinator of the Querebús tour company.

Despite the growing economic recovery after the pandemic, for this sector of Queretaro tourism the situation still does not improve completely, due to the accessibility problems that have been brought about by the works that are carried out in the capital of Queretaro, according to Laureano.

Although these dates are usually in high demand, he pointed out that during the bridges of September and November they have received a greater number of visitors, mainly from Mexico City, State of Mexico and Puebla, neighboring entities.

The tours of the first square of the city include the churches and their histories, the Cerro de las Campanas and the museums of the area, in addition to the main squares.

Source: Diario de Queretaro