Querétaro among the 3 states of the year


Mexico City, Querétaro and Baja California are the outstanding entities of 2023, for presenting the best performance in the various economic and social indicators, according to “Mexico, How are we doing?” (MCV).

To determine them, the document indicates, “criteria were used that answer the question: which economy is growing enough to have social and economic development?

MCV took into account not only growth, but performance in the areas of working poverty, generation of formal jobs (IMSS) as well as results obtained in the 2022 Social Progress Index.

The three selected entities were in the green during the first quarters of the year and were among the ten with the best index of social progress.

To define the ranking of the states of the year, they were ordered according to the average annual growth rates of the last four available periods, until the second quarter of 2023.

Thus, the best ones turned out:

1) Mexico City

2) Querétaro and

3) Baja California

They highlight that all three have recovered their pre-pandemic economic activity. Querétaro with 3.8 percent above the previous level.

When analyzing the average growth rate of the last year, CDMX, Querétaro and BC, in that order, are among the first ten entities with the best scores in the Social Progress Index. Mexico City with 5.8, Querétaro 3.9 and Baja California 3.8 percent.

Source: Plaza de Armas