Public transportation driver in Querétaro receives brutal beating by flea market merchants: VIDEO


In the video you can see the woman receiving a beating from two men and a woman.

Due to a traffic incident, a QroBus public transportation driver was brutally attacked by at least three people near the facilities of the Technological University of Querétaro.

Although the video published on social networks dates back to last Monday, November 20, it recently began to go viral when she tried to pass through a block of merchants at a flea market, scolded her and began to hit her.

In the recording, two men and a woman are seen kicking and punching the driver, which only caused minor injuries; although the victim has already filed a complaint with the State Attorney General’s Office.

One has already been arrested

The State Attorney General’s Office reported that one of those involved has already been arrested, while the Mobility Agency of the State of Querétaro (AMEQ) announced that it will take legal action against the other two attackers.

Gerardo Cuanalo, director of the State Mobility Agency, reported that one more complaint will be filed against two other aggressors, while ensuring that there will be no tolerance for this type of acts.

According to witnesses, the attack was due to being involved in a crash, at the intersection of Avenida Pie de la Cuesta and Bulevar de la Nación, near the Technological University of Mexico.

The brutal beating was recorded through a security camera of the public transport unit, where at first it is observed how the driver argues with a man and a woman, however, when telling them that they were to blame for the crash, one of the men climbed up the back of the unit and cowardly attacked the driver from behind, who was heard desperately asking for help.

Source: Infobae