They capture an alleged meteorite that passed through Querétaro and other states in Mexico: VIDEO


It was early this Tuesday morning when a supposed meteorite illuminated the sky and some social media users described it as an impressive astronomical phenomenon.

During the early hours of this Tuesday, Querétaro witnessed an impressive astronomical phenomenon: the passage of a meteorite that illuminated the night sky. The video surveillance cameras of the State Tourism Secretariat captured this cosmic event, and the recording was shared by Webcams de México on its X account (formerly Twitter).

The event occurred around 1:23 in the morning in the municipality of Cadereyta de Montes, Querétaro. The camera located in the center of the municipality recorded the moment when the meteorite crossed the sky, leaving behind a white flash with blue tints.

Webcams in Mexico managed to capture this astronomical event that surprised the inhabitants of Querétaro and those who followed the event through social networks.

During the passage of the meteorite, several users on social networks reported having witnessed the fall of the object from the Amecameca-Cuautla highway in the state of Morelos. A motorist, traveling on the highway at 1:23 in the morning, managed to document the phenomenon in a 21-second clip.

The video shows the trajectory of the meteorite, illuminating the dark sky with a dazzling trail of light that it left in its wake.

Source: Debate