Querétaro requires a thousand workers in the aeronautical sector


They seek to attract young people and children, “so that they see that there is a future”

Attraction and retention of talent, Aerocluster’s goal

The aeronautical sector registers a current demand for a thousand employees to join the companies installed in the entity in the face of a growing industry that continues to advance in the state, said the president of the Aerocluster in the entity, Verónica Méndez Magaña.

The board highlighted that among the projects that the Aerocluster has planned is the attraction and retention of talent, the integration of issues such as diversity and inclusion, but it is also seeking to attract young people and children, from an early age, so that they can see the aerospace industry as an option for the future.

“We are seeing a growth in which we are going to need more than a thousand people in the next year, we believe that the demand will create between 200 and 300 still for this year, we have a challenge to attract more talent and we are thinking that within that to be able to go to primary and secondary schools, where they can still decide and it may be an option to study engineering, aeronautical technicians, a career that will ensure them work,” she declared.

She assured that the need for talent in the sector is very great, not just in Querétaro and Mexico, but in the world, since it is an imminent demand which, she stated, the state can provide.

Méndez Magaña recognized that in the face of this global demand there is an important attraction of Mexican talent to other countries such as the United States and Canada, which is why he reported that within the framework of the Paris AirShow 2023, an agreement was signed with the International Network of Aerospace Clusters so that this talent drain does not occur abruptly, but rather can be a strategy where links are sought.

“That talent has the possibility of moving without leaving completely (…) There are many things (for which they leave), I tell them when they have offers elsewhere, that it seems like a lot of money but the cost of living is different also. There are some where we cannot compete on salaries as a country, but part of the intention is that the new generations want these new international experiences,” she commented.

The president of the Aerocluster highlighted that the aerospace industry in Querétaro has managed to recover from the impact of the pandemic, achieving double-digit growth this year, where the state continues to stand out internationally.

Likewise, the union leader highlighted the continuous arrival of investments derived from factors that the state offers to investors.

“One of the main conditions is the availability of talent supplied by the Aeronautical University in Querétaro (UNAQ) and the security conditions, coming to Querétaro is not the same as coming to other parts of the country, here they can come without problems, there is no travel restriction for people who visit us from other countries so I think it is a very important factor in the economic growth of the state,” she declared.

Source: El Universal