The economic model of Querétaro will be applied in Nayarit


Querétaro media highlighted this Thursday the visit of the governor of Nayarit, Muguel Ángel Navarro to the state where he recognized the achievements of the administration from which he would take the successful examples to apply them in Nayarit.

The Nayarit governor participated in a meeting with rectors of Nayarit universities and the Technological University of the State of Querétaro (Uteq), where he pointed out that Nayarit is looking to exploit its secondary economic sectors.

Navarro Quintero highlighted that Querétaro is being a benchmark for economic development at the national level due to the alliances that companies maintain with universities, steps that he said, he wants to replicate in Nyarit.

He also highlighted the management of Mauricio Kuri to promote the industrial growth of the entity: “The great desire that we Nayarits have to get ahead in a new cycle that we are building in Nayarit, to come and try to reach agreements, achieve agreements that serve us the Nayaritas, taking as an example the route they have followed here in the state of Querétaro before, and now particularly with Governor Mauricio Kuri,” he said.

And he added: “What we are trying to do is that the educational structure of Nayarit could be closely linked to the processes that Querétaro has carried out and could strengthen us and find in Nayarit the state of Querétaro also as an ally for what our state I would like to go invest companies in Querétaro and achieve alliances that generate benefits for Querétaro and Nayarit.”

Source: NTV