Querétaro invests 4 billion pesos in security to attract foreign visitors


Querétaro is investing 4 billion pesos to improve issues such as security, and thus attract more foreign tourists to the entity, which is why it developed an entire plan on the subject for inclusion, sustainability and technology with the aim of being a more important destination.

Rodrigo Ibarra Lozano, director of tourism promotion of the entity, stated that all this is so that it is known as a wellness destination, sustainable and with Earthcheck bronze certification, in addition to the fact that they are starting in religious tourism, among other services.

For this purpose, the Querétaro Tourism Secretariat also signed an agreement with the National Council of Tourist Services Exporters (Conexstur), an association that brings together tour operators, also with the purpose of attracting travelers from other countries.

Ibarra Lozano told MILENIO that they do not estimate that the increase in covid cases due to the winter season represents an impact on their growth in the matter, which so far receives more than 2 billion pesos in economic benefits from tourism each year.

     “For us it is very important that this agreement has been signed to generate greater visits from foreign tourists (…), what we are looking for is to grow, in fact we are at almost pre-pandemic levels in terms of hotel occupancy, we are at 55 percent on an annual average and these levels had not been seen until before 2019 (…) I do not think that covid is a factor, I believe that people are already more aware of what is happening with this virus,” he highlighted.

Currently in the state they already have more than 18 thousand rooms in more than 869 lodging establishments that are the most important wine tourism area in the country that generates more than 350 million pesos in economic benefits and has more than 400 thousand inhabitants in the the harvest in the vineyards season alone.

Among the goals of the tourism secretariat for the entity is to exceed the number of passengers that it had in 2019 at the Querétaro International Airport of one and a half million passengers.

Source: Milenio