Like a movie, they rescue passengers from a bus stranded by the rains in Querétaro  


In a feat like something out of a movie, the rescue of seven passengers from a bus that was left stranded on a flooded avenue in the municipality of El Marqués, in Querétaro was achieved. 

The events were recorded on Friday afternoon, on the sides of federal highway 57 at the height of El Colorado, in El Marqués, where, due to heavy rains, there was a flooding.

Therefore, a passenger bus, presumably a personnel transport, was trapped in the water making it dangerous for people to descend from the unit.

Faced with this situation, a call was made to the 911 Emergency System, so rescuers and paramedics from the State Civil Protection Coordination (CEPC), Municipal Civil Protection and State Police of the State of Querétaro (POES) were mobilized to the place.

Together they carried out rescue work to help the passengers get out of the top of the bus and then be transferred to a POES truck where they were safe.

Subsequently, the passengers were treated by paramedics and a pre-hospital medical assessment was provided, without presenting injuries or conditions of risk to their integrity.

Finally, the bus was towed by a POES vehicle, while the passengers were able to return safely to their families and to their homes.

They rescue a man in a street situation

Almost simultaneously, the CEPC and Municipal Civil Protection rescued a 38-year-old man who was trapped under a bridge, where he tried to take refuge from the rain.

With the help of a rope and a ladder, rescue personnel carried out the necessary maneuvers to rescue the man, who fortunately was able to get out safely from the place where he was stuck.

Source: Debate