What are the garbage tacos’ made of? They are classics in Querétaro?


Just as in CDMX the tacos de cochinada are famous, in Querétaro the ‘garbage’ ones that never fail for late-nighters are popular.

“Throw me the garbage!”, is heard in this taco shop in Querétaro, where they serve a taco with this filling, served in 2 tortillas, green avocado sauce and let’s go!

In Mexican gastronomy there are some dishes that may not sound so appetizing but are considered tasty: like the ‘cochinada’ tacos from Mexico City (the burnt meat that remains at the bottom of the taco shop’s choricera), or, the ‘mugrero’, a bagged corn snack that is sold in Nuevo León.

In Queretaro there is a sidewalk stand that has been in the taco business for more than 20 years, now it proudly bears the name that made it famous: ‘The garbage tacos’.

Why are they called garbage tacos’?

This business is one of those places that you find open at night and early in the morning, they sell ingredients such as:

Beef with nopales, pork with shrimp, meat al pastor, beef with potatoes, alambres, tinga queretana, fried machitos, Liver and Lambada.

And there is no shortage of ‘garbage’, which has everything you can find, such as bacon, Milanese, beef, pork, sausage, turkey ham, eggs, potatoes and nopales, since it is assembled with all the little that remains of other stews.

In its beginnings, this taco includes all flavors was known as ‘parrillada’, until one day ‘El Bromas’ attacked: a customer who saw that mountain of stews on the grill commented that it looked like a pile of garbage, so It was easy for him to ask for “a garbage taco”… and it stayed.

For this reason, this place, which is also famous as ‘Los Tacos del Güero’, decided to assume its nickname as a name, since it became popular among the neighbors.

Where is it?  At Gonzalo Río Arronte 1, extended zone two, Villas del Sur, next to the Olympic Stadium and the Querétaro Sports Center.

How much? Around 30 pesos per taco.

Source: El Financiero