Chefs with a Michelin Star will cook at the Querétaro Airport


Michelin Chef Meets Querétaro is an experience that combines Gastronomy and Wine Tourism, with Art and Lifestyle.

They will present a special menu paired with Queretaro wines along with a live art show.

On August 19, the second edition of Michelin Chefs Meets will take place at the Querétaro Airport, an event that will combine the best of gastronomy, wine, and art.

On this occasion, Carolina Sánchez from Cuenca, Ecuador, who completed a master’s degree at the Le Cordon Bleu school in Lima, Peru, and one more in Cooking at the Basque Culinary Center, will participate, the first Ecuadorian chef recognized by the Michelin Guide with a star.

In addition to Iñaki Murua de Laguardia, from Álava, Spain, who completed a Master’s Degree in Cuisine at the prestigious Basque Culinary Center school in San Sebastián, Spain, and did internships with great chefs such as Martín Berasategui (3 Michelin stars), Azurmendi (3 stars Michelin) and Els Casals (1 Michelin star).

At the events, the invited chefs will serve special menus paired with national and international wines and spirits, while a live art experience is performed by the Juan Carlos Gallery and Gandg Art Code, who will create a unique piece for the evening. .

The dinner by the Michelin star chefs will consist of three courses:

  • The first course, crab salad, salmorejo, and sherry reduction
  • The second course, stewed beef cheeks with neapia and sweet potato in textures; the pairing will be made with red wine Laberinto Blend Cava – Quintanilla (cabernet, merlot & tempranillo), from San Luis Potosí
  • Chocomaní will be served for dessert, with a pairing of Casa Dragones Añejo Barrel tequila.

There will also be a mixology bar by Campar and Tessito; a tequila mixology bar by Casa Dragones and a cigar tasting by Cigar Roller. As if that were not enough, there will be a tasting of Cold Beat ice creams; Querétaro Life beer tasting; DJ, and a fashion performance.

Tickets cost 3,500 pesos per person with limited space, so contact whatsapp 55 7888 9846 to reserve your place.

Tickets for the August edition are already on sale at the telephone number 4423594995 with Gloria Guerrero

Michelin Star Chef Second edition of Michelin Chefs Meets Querétaro (Sectur Querétaro)

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