Mexicos Green Angels declare itself ready to help visitors


Its mission is that the tourists who enter the state have a satisfactory transit and, in case of needing help, they are taken care of.

The Green Angels Corporation, of the Ministry of Tourism, will be providing information and, if necessary, will help all visitors who travel through the highways of the state of Sinaloa, so that they arrive without setbacks or delays to their travel destinations. or places of origin, on these vacations.  

On the roads, there will be six vehicles and 17 elements distributed, which will cover the most important roads in capacity and demand for service in the state, such as the Durango-Mazatlán highway to the Baluarte Bridge, the Tepic-Mazatlán and Culiacán-Mazatlán. 

Given the increase in tourists traveling to the state on these vacations, Green Angels will be on the lookout to provide information, guide tourists, provide mechanical service, and give first aid.  

The head of the corporation, Ricardo Picos Quintero, said that as of this Friday a significant increase in vehicular influx is expected by road tourism.  

The head of the Green Angels urged drivers of automotive units not to drive tired or drunk, to check their units before leaving home, to use a seat belt, to respect signs and speed limits on the highway.  

All those who need technical assistance on the roads, orientation, and tourist information can call the Ángeles Verdes emergency number 078 or the telephone number 669-326-69-84.v  

Mexico Daily Post