Butterfly exhibition “Ibérica te Abraza” arrives in Querétaro


It is a traveling collective exhibition, which uses the butterfly symbol to represent fragility, but above all the capacity for transformation to once again fly in freedom and be reborn as humanity.

The head of the Ministry of Culture, Marcela Herbert Pesquera, announced that the butterfly exhibition “Iberian embraces you 2021-2022 ” is coming to Querétaro, which is inspired by the art of the eighth edition of the Contemporary Iberian Dance Festival. 

In the gardens of the Center for the Arts (CEART), until January 20, visitors will be able to appreciate 21 hearts that served as canvas for the same number of visual artists, where they reflected the passion and love for dance and art of the flamenco dancers, musicians and dancers who were part of the last edition.

Herbert Pesquera said that it is a traveling collective exhibition, which uses the symbol of the butterfly to represent fragility, but above all the capacity for transformation to fly again in freedom and be reborn as humanity. 

The exhibition of intervened sculptures arises with the purpose of sharing this dance festival with diverse audiences and to capture this passion through Mexican plastic artists; It is worth mentioning that the first traveling group exhibition was held from July 2019 to December 2020.

Expo Mariposas 'Ibérica te Abraza' 2021-2022 llega al CEART - Sociales 3.0  Querétaro

Iberian Contemporary Festival, an artistic and cultural festival 

The International Contemporary Iberian Dance Festival in Mexico is one of the most important Flamenco and Spanish Dance festivals worldwide; It is an artistic and cultural festival that in each of its expressions elevates the spirit with the intention of transcending the cultural development of society.

Fundación Proart, is the organization that among its many projects, has led this artistic project since 2007, which has adapted to new trends in art. 

Ibérica te Abraza archivos - Guia de Turismo, Entretenimiento y Cultura  Querétaro

From July 10 to 17, 2021, it celebrated its eighth edition, bringing together dancers, singers, guitarists, and musicians to give workshops and courses as well as to perform at different galas.

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