Mexican migrants start returning home and form giant caravans to Nuevo Laredo


It will start January 3 when the 14 Migrant Caravan returns to the United States, in order for the Queretaro countrymen to resume their usual activities in the American Union after having spent the end of the year holidays in the company. of loved ones in the state.

This was announced by the president of United Migrants in Caravan AC, Juan Fernando Rocha Mier, who specified that the departure of the Caravan will be from the municipality of Jalpan de Serra at 5:00 a.m., to reach Rio Verde, San Luis Potosí and add more vehicles to the neighboring country, after having spent the end of the year festivities in Mexico.

He indicated that at 10:00 am, it is planned to arrive at the Parador San Pedro de Galeana, Nuevo León, where it is expected to add 300 vehicles of civilians to go to Nuevo Laredo and move towards the United States.

The registration is in process through the App enabled for this purpose, so he urged the countrymen interested in joining the Caravan, register before January 3, in order to return to the neighboring country to the north. safe, as he recalled that the mobility of migrant vehicles are monitored by elements of the corporations of the different security levels.

“The return is on January 3, we are going to leave Jalpan de Serra at 5:00 a.m., in that sense we expect a convoy of approximately 100 vehicles to leave Jalpan and in Río Verde and at 10:00 a.m., The Caravan has previously been united with migrants from more states at the Parador San Pedro de Galeana Nuevo León and we will head to Nuevo Laredo, where there will already be about 300 vehicles ”.


Mexico Daily Post