BUEN FIN: are you planning to buy a cell phone? Profeco tells you where to buy it cheaper


The agency has a list of more than 400 products where users can compare prices.

Are you ready to make your purchases at El Buen Fin? If purchasing a cell phone is among your plans, the  Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco)  helps you find the best prices.

And it is that the agency has a page named  “Who is who in the prices for El Buen Fin 2021”  so that users can consult the prices of 477 products in the categories of kitchen, appliances, appliances, audio, and sound equipment, TV, video, and computing.

The agency compared the prices of three cell phones. The  Motorola Moto G8 plus, Android 9.0 / 64 GB internal memory, 48 MP + 5 + 5MP camera / 25 mp front was found at a minimum price of 4,997 pesos and a maximum of 6,704 pesos.

The stores where the cheapest was offered were Bodega Aurrera Sucursal Mariano Escobedo, Mega Soriana Sucursal Coacalco and Soriana Miramontes. While the highest prices were found in Soriana Híper in Mixcoac, Sears Lindavista and Soriana HÍper Miyana.

Another device was the Huawei, Y7P, Android cell phone, with 64-gigabit internal memory, 48 MP + 8MP + 2MP / 8MP front camera, which had a minimum price of 3 thousand 48 pesos and a maximum of 5 thousand 499 pesos.

Salinas y Rocha Ermita branch, Elektra Centro Azcapotzalco branch and Bodega Aurrera in Tlalnepantla were the stores where it was found cheaper. On the contrary, the price increased at Sears Insurgentes and Soriana Hiper Echegaray branch.

The  Samsung Galaxy A31, Android 10, internal memory of 64 GB, camera of 48MP + 5MP + 5MP + 8MP / Front 20MP with micro SD of up to 512 GB had a minimum cost of 4 thousand 890 pesos and a maximum of 7 thousand 999 pesos. While the  Oppo  64 GB memory cell phone, A53 Android, with a 13MP + 2MP + 2MP camera / 8MP front, was found at a minimum price of 4,997 pesos and a maximum of 5,999 pesos.

These last two teams were found cheaper at Bodega Aurrera Iztapalapa and Fuentes del Valle, Coppel Tacuba, Mega Soriana Aragón and Mixcoac. While the highest prices were found in Bodega Aurrera Mariano Escobedo and La Comer Torres de Satélite.

If you want more information about a particular product, you can check the price comparison on the Profeco website. You just have to choose your mayor’s office and the product you need.

Mexico Daily Post