UNAM will impart post-Covid-19 pulmonary health workshops


People with respiratory disorders due to Covid-19 may take the courses

Teatro UNAM and the Centro de Estudios para el Uso de la Voz (CEUVOZ) will offer four pulmonary rehabilitation workshops for those with “considerable” affectations in the respiratory system or a decrease in their lung capacity derived from the Covid-19 disease.

“Breathe Mexico. Intensive auxiliary workshop in Post Covid-19 Pulmonary Rehabilitation ”are the workshops that will be carried out virtually, will be free and in each of them, the quota will be a maximum of 20 people.

The objective of the workshops is for the participant to learn “exercises that will allow them to practice diaphragmatic-intercostal or deep breathing, that is, the natural breathing with which every human being is born, essential for post-Covid-19 patients to regain their pulmonary capacity and strengthen the Respiratory System ”, explains Teatro UNAM in a statement.

The first workshop will take place from January 18 to 22, the second from January 25 to 29, the third from February 1 to 5, and the last will be held from February 8 to 12. All sessions will be from Monday to Friday, from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., through the Zoom platform.

The workshops will be given by Maricarmen Cortés, specialist in Human Communication Therapy; José Galván, director of the Mexican ensemble Voz en Punto; Norma Flores, Scenic artist, choreographer and teacher; Alejandra Marín, singer and teacher specialized in vocal technique; actress Judith Inda and actress Suryday Ugalde.


According to Teatro UNAM, this workshop proposes training that covers both the anatomy and physiology of breathing as well as that of muscular strengthening weakened by immobility. In addition, it takes into account the physical condition of people who have suffered Covid-19, who will be given a series of specific exercises to rehabilitate their lungs.

“Based on the playful, imaginative and empathic pedagogical principles with which the CEUVOZ specialist teachers guide the processes, the exercises will be tools that, carried out with discipline and resilience, can be practiced at home by those who suffered from the disease to have a better quality of life, in good health and with the encouragement that this will provide them, ”the institution explains in a statement.

For the body part, the Feldenkrais Method will be used, a learning system that allows the person to improve physical and mental functions through sequences of smooth movements; or the Alexander Technique, a body reeducation system that provides tools to reduce the level of tension, eliminates unnecessary wear and tear and prevents injuries.

While for the Vocal Technique part, Fidel Monroy’s vocal training factors will be used, among others.

For more information see www.teatrounam.com.mx

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