Little Caesars in Mexico works on App-based pickups


The second-largest chain of pizzerias in Mexico develops a new form of delivery where the consumer will be able to order through an app; then go to the stores and take the pizza out of a container.

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Little Caesars, the second-largest pizza chain in the country, is working on changing its operating system in Mexico, through the Reserve and Ready system, which it will be incorporating for the remainder of this year.

In an interview with MILENIO, Andrés de Robina, general director of the company in the country, commented that “what we want to do is incorporate a new project in Mexico where the consumer will be able to order through an app; after arriving at the stores, take the pizza from a container that we will have ready for them and leave; they will be able to choose the ingredients they want for their pizza ”.

He pointed out that all units will have the capacity to provide such a service that will not take up a large space in their establishments, since the main adaptation will be made at the counter, which goes hand in hand with technological development for the platform.

He explained that “the investment amount is extremely large because it involves the equipment that we are going to have and injections at the point of sale. We are talking about many millions of dollars and the only intention is to serve the consumer of the country. The Franchisees have been willing to build this investment during this difficult year in the country to satisfy consumers and give them greater advantages “.

He added that the technological investment for the adaptation of the concept will be made in the remainder of this year and the modifications in the facilities will be carried out in December, to offer the service from January 2021.

We are in a very beneficial position to be able to start early and on a national scale, which makes us very proud because we are making important partnerships with providers like the NFL,” he said.

De Robina said that they are also analyzing the operation systems of dark kitchens (renting a kitchen where food is only for home delivery and thus savings are generated), although currently the company already has three kitchens of this type.

In Mexico, the company has incorporated the players in the delivery market, who have gained relevance in their activities, despite this, the company rules out soon having its own delivery system.

“At the moment we do not consider having our own delivery because what we seek is to satisfy the customer in terms of their purchasing power and the price is a variable that allows us to be closer to our consumers. We want to have more points of sale so that we can be closer to customers, “said the manager.

According to the Data Pizza Report study, by TOP Agency, in the United States, fast food significantly outperformed traditional restaurants. In this market, Little Caesars has turned out to be the chain of choice for consumers. It highlights that despite a 20 percent decrease in visits to the country’s pizza chains, in 24 states Little Caesars has been the preferred brand since March; behind is Papa John’s with preference in nine states and Domino’s, with seven.

Little Caesars is a brand that Mexican consumers prefer a lot, we are the brand with the most transactions in the country and that has continued during the pandemic. We have made great efforts to satisfy the consumer in these difficult times. We have even opened some stores during this process in Mexico ”, he indicated.

The company, which will celebrate its 15th anniversary in the country in January, has 600 operating units throughout the country

“We have a system in which although the consumer most of the time goes for pizza, he obtains it in a very fast and efficient way. We are growing in various states of the Republic, we are still opening some stores between now and December, so we will not have the total number of openings yet ”, he concluded.


Mexico Daily Post