Breaking News: AMLO presidential decree sets an exchange rate at 12.50 pesos to the USD


December 28, 2021

The peso will be strengthened in 2022 by presidential decree

This Tuesday President López Obrador announced that to avoid crisis problems, inflation from January 1, 2022, the peso will have a fixed value of 12.50 (as in the 80s).

The president recalled that to honor another misunderstood president named López, he will modify the dollar parity from a variable to a fixed one in the hope that the measure will reverse the devaluation that took place at the beginning of 1982.

Feliz Dia de Los Santos Innocentes

Día de los Santos Inocentes | NeoStuff

In Spain and Latin America, it is customary to make jokes of all kinds on this date. The media jokes or misrepresents their content in such a way that the information appears real. It is a freedom that media agents give themselves to unleash their sense of humor, an opportunity that they only have once a year. It is a tradition for newspapers to run entire pages of comic news, with the warning that it is April Fool’s Day, ranging from those that are an obvious mockery to any recent event, to those that seem serious and mislead the unsuspecting reader. April Fools Day is lived throughout the Spanish-speaking world.

In some areas of America it is important not to lend any good, be it objects or money, since the borrower is free to appropriate the goods. This type of celebration has declined in recent years and it is no longer usual for people to borrow in the hope that the lender will not remember the date and can be made fun of with the very popular phrase: «Innocent little dove that you left deceive “or its extended version:” Innocent little dove that you allowed yourself to be fooled, knowing that on this day nothing can be lent.

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