Living like the rich in Mexico | Luxury homes for rent in Queretaro (video)


By La Karencita

Find out how the rich live in Mexico. We took a tour of a luxury mansion in Queretaro which is available for rent at US$5,500 per month. You won’t believe how enormous this place is!

Queretaro is becoming the destination of choice for many people who wish to move to Mexico or retire in Mexico. We have received a lot of interest in the video we made about renting a house in Queretaro so we wanted to take the opportunity to show an enormous house and see how rich people live in Mexico.

We also give you a house tour of a gorgeous house with a more reasonable price tag. It’s in the historic center of Queretaro and it’s available right now for US$800/month. If you are interested in renting this house, comment below or visit Monica’s page below.

A huge thanks to the amazing, Monica, who helped us to get access to these beautiful houses. Monica is an Expat Relocation Specialist who has helped loads of foreigners move to Queretaro and to find the perfect home here.

If you are interested in living in Queretaro, get in touch with Monica via her Facebook page below. She offers a Queretaro city tour so that you can get a feel of the different neighborhoods in Queretaro and specialized support throughout the whole process of searching for and renting or buying a property here.

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Contact Grisel for information about how to rent this house for either short or long periods: +52 442 134 2179

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