Man shot dead at broad daylight in a Cuernavaca restaurant


The victims were in a cafeteria on Avenida Río Mayo and were allegedly former members of a criminal group

Cuernavaca, MORELOS.-  During an alleged assault on a cafeteria in Cuernavaca’s uptown Vista Hermosa neighborhood, two alleged members of an extinct criminal group were shot; one of them died and the other was badly injured.

The deceased was identified as Francisco Quintero, 24, while the injured is José Luis Romero, 34, whom the authorities identify as former members of the group led by late criminal Abel Maya.

The Criminal Investigation Police Officer (PIC) agent Enrique Govea Salgado, who received a blow to the head, was also injured.

Francisco lost his life at the scene, while Luis Romero was wounded by a gunshot in the neck and was taken to a private hospital, and so was the agent of the Criminal Investigation Police Office. 

Following the attack, Alan Mondragón Soto, 22, a resident of the Santa Rosa 30 community in Tlaltizapán, was arrested in possession of two pistols and a backpack with objects and money, allegedly stolen.

In a statement, the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) reported that on Wednesday, January 20th, at 11:56 am armed individuals entered the “Illy” cafeteria located on Río Mayo Avenue, where they shot Francisco and José Luis at close range.

After stealing the belongings of the people who were in the business, they fled to Plaza Cuernavaca in a Blue Mazda.

A few meters away, on Iguala Street, they located various belongings such as women’s purses, a backpack, the remote control of a vehicle, a wallet, and cosmetics.

Authorities indicated that Alan was detained at the corner of Río Balsas and Hernán Cortés streets and placed at the disposal of the Public Ministry.

Alan N, suspect of murder detained in Cuernavaca

Unofficial sources from the State Security Commission (CES) indicated that the PIC agents maintained an operation around the cafeteria, possibly to capture Francisco and José Luis, who are related to the defunct criminal group of Abel Maya.

Source: OEM

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