AMLO declares that blackouts will not occur again


Andrés Manuel López Obrador, president of Mexico, said that the blackout caused by the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), that left more than 10 million people without power in several states of the country for a number of hours, this Monday afternoon.“Is it going to keep happening? I can anticipate that no, we have a good electricity service, the CFE is being rescued“, AMLO assured during his” morning “conference on Tuesday, December 29th.

López Obrador stated that the technicians explained to him that there was a lack of control of the electrical system when some plants went out of operation and because it is a national network, 12 states were affected.

In 2018, many people in Mexico were surprised to learn that the head of the CFE under the AMLO administration was going to be Manuel Bartlett, old guard veteran politician that belonged to the PRI political party for decades (until he joined MORENA in 2018).

Manuel Bartlett

Bartlett is famous for “rigging” the 1988 elections in Mexico when “the system crashed” and as it was reset, Carlos Salinas de Gortary (PRI candidate) was suddenly and miraculously ahead in the election which he eventually won to become the president of Mexico (allegedly with the help of Bartlett), so there is a big sector of society that is not very fond of Bartlett.

And besides, when the blackouts came two days ago, people on social networks started comparing Mexico with Venezuela, and for many observers outside Mexico, our nation starts to look a little bit more like that Southamerican country every day.

Mexico Daily Post