Report says 4 lions are on the loose in Zumpango, Estado de Mexico


Recently, municipal authorities of Zumpango, in the State of Mexico, alerted all its residents about the alleged escape of four lions from a rookery in the area. For this reason, residents of neighboring municipalities, such as Melchor Ocampo and Nextlalpan, were concerned about the alleged presence of these wild animals.

The municipality of Zumpango launched an alert for the alleged escape of four lions, for which they asked its inhabitants and those of nearby towns to take extreme care with their animals, pets and children. In fact, according to El Universal , the residents of this area indicated that this is not the first time that this has happened, “because there are lion farms in the area . 

According to Zumpango authorities, last night they received an informal alert of the alleged escape of four lions from a rookery located on a ranch. For this reason, they decided to start a search operation together with police, firefighters, Civil Protection personnel, as well as soldiers from the Santa Lucía air base .

Security elements, with the help of drones, search for these animals on foot, both in the Cuatro Caballerías area, as well as on the border with Nextlalpan, also in Pueblo Nuevo, San Sebastián and in the surroundings of the Santa Lucía airbase.

“We are on alert, although no lion farm operating in the area has confirmed this escape,” the authorities indicated; however, they added that this could be because they are trying to conceal illegal possession of the felines.

Finally, according to information from the Mexiquense News Agency, it was through a WhatsApp audio that at 8:00 p.m. this Tuesday, neighbors notified that the four lions escaped from the Padilla ranch in Zumpango.


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