In a matter of days, the recreational use of cannabis could be approved in Mexico


Possession of up to 200 grams of marijuana and the possibility of free sale of 28 grams will be allowed.

Mexico City.- With the opposition of the PAN political party, the Senate of the Republic is aimed at eliminating the prohibitionist scheme and promoting the recreational use of cannabis in Mexico.

The United Commissions for Health, Justice, and Second Legislative Studies had a videoconference to speed up the changes that will be introduced in the opinion that will presumably be voted on Wednesday, November 18th.

Instead of the Ministry of the Interior, it will be the Health Department that assumes everything concerning the medicinal issue . In addition, the National Law is passed to Federal Law.

In the same way, the need for permission for consumption in homes is eliminated, although it is stipulated that no children or teenagers under 18 years of age can smoke marijuana.

“What users are asking us to do is to leave them alone,” summed up Senator Jesusa Rodríguez, one of the main promoters of recreational cannabis use .

“The plant does not damage anybody and the idea that it is a diabolical plant is still installed in the collective unconscious, but it is not the substances, it is the circumstances. Leaving marijuana in the hands of the cartels. The prohibition has caused much more damage “.

The PAN Senator, Damián Zepeda expressed his categorical rejection of recreational consumption, although the PAN members could support medicinal consumption.

“I am against the opening of the drug market. I am a father and I have three children and I do not see anything positive about my children buying marijuana. I do not think it brings anything good. I do not see anything good in smoking for fun.” the senator said.

“It is an unsatisfactory opinion and it does not reduce the black market,” said Sylvana Beltrones from the PRI political party, who also considered it necessary to encourage prevention campaigns to reduce the harm caused by cannabis use.

Juan Zepeda from the Movimiento Ciudadano political party assured that the regulation represents an advance. 

“Yes, it is our responsibility to generate these actions. This moment is vital so that we can change the paradigms and go towards a new path. With regard to cannabis, Movimiento Ciudadano subscribes to these considerations,” Zepeda stated.

Miguel Ángel Mancera, coordinator of the PRD political party in the senate, estimated that Mexico would have taken an important step in requiring regulation. “We have to remove the taboo on the cannabis plant. The marijuana plant does not mean drug trafficking .”

Source: SIPSE

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